What We Do

The Public Sector can be a dizzying place to try to do business, with a host of organisations carrying out different roles and services. 

That’s why, when it came to creating a Public Sector contact data community, we decided to make understanding it a little simpler – by breaking it down into a series of easily identifiable groups. 

Using these groups, we can give you insights into the types of organisations that will best respond to your next marketing campaign.

Our account management team will then refine this further, to identify individual organisations and employees we can target on your behalf before our designers and copywriters – many with experience of working in the Public Sector themselves – use this information to tailor your campaign for maximum impact.

Intelligent Data

Working with us gives you access to the UK’s largest Public Sector contact database. Built from the ground up, by hand-researching accurate decision maker data, Ingenium ensures that we deliver outstanding results from our managed e-communications.


We work hard to keep our database structured and up to date, with over 500 edits a day giving you a real-time picture of the Public Sector landscape.

We create personalised content designed to target any number of decision makers, as well as providing a detailed cross-section of any Public Sector audience.

We know every contact inside out – who they are, where they work, their responsibilities, and the role they play in their organisation.

In fact, many companies consider our data to be the gold standard and use our database to discover inaccuracies and shortcomings in their own.

What does all this mean for you? Insight. Flexibility. Reliability. Reduced risk.

How We Work

Our process is all about the intelligent and applied use of our data. We’ll work in tandem with you every step of the way to make sure you get the most out of our data, and to create campaigns that make a real difference and bring a true return on your investment.


Our purpose-built Public Sector database is at the heart of what we do. Constructed specifically with push marketing in mind, our data is considered by many to be the gold standard. We identify the people most likely to respond to your campaigns based on a deep understanding of what each organisation does and who its key stakeholders are.


We use our expertise and experience to tailor your content to make sure it’s saying all the right things in the best possible way. This may include using one of our news brands to strengthen your message. Our purpose-built email client iServe, which is configured for digital marketing into secure environments, ensures maximum penetration for your campaign.


By leveraging our expertise, technology and purpose-built data we deliver outstanding outcomes. The content for each campaign may vary but the focus is always on delivering measurable and tangible results, whether that means building insight-gathering online surveys, generating an audience for your event, or ensuring your collateral is widely seen.


When working with us, we don’t want you to see us just as a supplier, but rather as a true business partner who will listen to your challenges and offer you sound advice. We care about the results we achieve, and are committed to creating campaigns that deliver the best possible return on investment, again and again.

BiP Solutions

BiP Solutions started life as Business Information Publications and was established by Ron Burges in 1984 to help connect the public and private sectors. What began with the printing of contracts information has grown. We’re now the leading provider of procurement support and intelligence, but we’re still a family company, with Ron’s son Simon Burges now CEO of the BiP Group.

BiP has experienced huge organic growth over its 30-plus year history, and more recently has acquired businesses in the north of England to increase its offering to the Public and Private Sector.

Although the product set has transformed into the most comprehensive range of modern online tools, consultancy and events in the market, the idea that started it all in a Glasgow portable cabin hasn’t changed: to drive efficiencies in Public Sector procurement and create mutually beneficial opportunities for businesses and governments to work together.

Our skills span the full breadth of the procurement industry, including:

  • Business Intelligence and eSourcing
  • Media & Marketing Solutions
  • Conferences and Exhibitions
  • UK & International Consultancy









Media & Marketing Solutions

We drive engagement and interaction with key stakeholders across the Public and Private Sectors. Offering a broad range of managed and measurable solutions, we support businesses that are looking for actionable outcomes from their marketing investments.

Our portfolio of digital services is designed to drive inbound enquiries, create content and raise awareness. While we’re proud of the insight we’ll give you, we don’t hand it over and walk away. Everything we do is designed to work in tandem with your business. We’re open, collaborative and knowledgeable. The Media and Marketing Solutions division of BiP Solutions is divided into two departments, Market Engagement and Media.