Updates: Central Government

The last week has seen hundreds of updates to the Ingenium community, with a special focus this week on Central Government and Non-Departmental Public Bodies. We’ve made over 680 edits to these areas of our community in the last seven days alone. Contact details updated include:

> 101 new contacts added to Citizens’ Advice Bureau
> 24 new contacts added to the Animal and Plant Health Agency
> 39 edits to a local rehabilitation company
> 20 new contacts added to the Cabinet Office
> 2 changes to major job titles in the Crown Commercial Service, as well as 78 new contacts added
> 5 outdated key contacts at Companies House removed, along with 9 new contacts added

To find out more about how Ingenium can help you contact key decision makers in Central Government, including all major NDPBs, get in touch by emailing info@my-ingenium.co.uk.

Updates: Local Government

In just the last week, we’ve made over 16,90 edits to our Ingenium database, covering the gamut of the UK Public Sector. One particular area of focus has been Local Government. In the Local Government sector over the last week, we’ve

> removed 38 out-of-date contacts
> added 70 new decision-maker contacts, including such roles as Head of Commercial IT, Head of Finance, Director of Commercial Strategy and Head of Development & Planning
> updated job titles and job functions for 49 contacts

Local Government can be a notoriously difficult area to work with. It can be hard to find the right person to contact, given how complex organisational structures can be and how high a turnover there can be in people’s job titles and roles. That’s why it’s so important to ensure your data is up-to-date. To learn how Ingenium can help put your message in front of the right people in Local Government, get in touch by emailing info@my-ingenium.co.uk, or give us a call on 0845 094 8567.