Updates: Schools

This week, there have been just short of 2,500 edits made to our Ingenium data community. There have been major changes to areas of our database including Local and Central Government, Universities, Charities and the NHS. One key area of focus has been schools, including secondary schools, primary schools and independent schools, which may or may not fit into either of the previous categories.

Changes made to our data include:

> 39 brand-new organisations being added
> 39 new headteachers or principals added to our data
> 11 new Deputy Headteachers or Assistant Headteachers added
> 38 addresses being updated or added
> 364 organisation details being updated or added – ranging from the age range attending the school to the Local Authority overseeing the school

To learn more about how Ingenium can help you contact decision makers in UK Schools and throughout the Education sector, email info@my-ingenium.co.uk or call us on 0845 094 8567.

Updates: Secondary Schools

The last week saw over 2,000 edits made to our Ingenium data, in areas including Emergency Services, Universities, Central and Local Government, and the NHS and Clinical Commissioning Groups. Our major area of research this week however has been Secondary Schools, with over 550 edits to our data made. Schools can be a difficult area to contact as only certain information is easily publicly available. However, recent updates to our Secondary Schools data include:

> 60 outdated contacts removed from the database
> 190 new contacts added, the majority of which are senior contacts such as headteachers and deputy headteachers
> 40 updates to contact names
> 27 changes to data on the size of schools
> 17 updates to contacts’ email addresses

To find out more about how Ingenium can help you contact key decision makers in Education, including all UK Secondary Schools, get in touch by emailing info@my-ingenium.co.uk.